55+ Best AppSumo Deals November Black Friday 2022: Save 99% on LTD

Are you looking for the best AppSumo deals in November 2022?

AppSumo offers thousands of deals on marketing tools, no-code apps, WordPress plugins and software for businesses.

So if you are looking for the top AppSumo deals to improve your business then AppSumo has thousands of deals to help you grow your business.

For novice marketers and entrepreneurs, choosing the right tools can be difficult. Especially when every day new software is launched.

That’s why we created this post to help you choose the right tools on AppSumo for your business.

What is AppSumo?

AppSumo is your place for the best deals on business tools and services for entrepreneurs and marketers.

Why We Love AppSumo Deals?

  • AppSumo is the best platform to get the best deals on SaaS products.
  • It has insane discounts (up to 99%) on digital software and tools.
  • AppSumo gives us the ability to purchase our preferred SaaS products at a deep discount.
  • And our personal pick, LTD. Most AppSumo deals are lifetime deals, so you won’t have to pay for them again and again. Just pay once and get lifetime access!

So grab your favourite SaaS tool right now and save thousands of dollars. Sign up using this link, and get an extra 10% discount on AppSumo lifetime deals.

55+ Best SaaS Deals On AppSumo (Nov Black Friday Sale 2022)

Here are the top 58 best AppSumo Deals to celebrate amazing creators like you. Save up to 99% off on the latest AppSumo offer at FreeTrialFor.com!

Neuron AI Lifetime Deal

Packed with AI-powered content research and writing tools to help you plan content that ranks high on Google.

FormCan Online Forms LTD

Lets you quickly build dynamic web forms, safely collect user data, and connect your forms with thousands of apps.

Grab Your Reviews LTD Deal

Lets you collect and showcase reviews from multiple sites to boost your SERP rankings and improve your brand reputation.

Pagescreen Lifetime Deal

An automatic site monitor that lets you capture, compare, and archive visual changes to any website over time.

Poised AppSumo LTD

An AI-powered speech coach that gives you real-time and retrospective feedback on your virtual meetings.

Data-Driven Lifetime Deal

The GA4 DIY Process Toolbox helps you configure Google Analytics 4 to optimize your marketing campaigns—without any coding.

Storydoc AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Lets you create engaging interactive presentations, white papers, case studies, and more that set you apart from your competition.

WebWave Lifetime Deal

A white-labelled website builder that lets freelancers and agencies build professional, custom-designed sites for clients.

KOMODO Decks Lifetime Deal

A user-friendly screencasting solution that lets you create and share HD video demos, walkthroughs, and more.

Balloonary AI Lifetime Deal

An AI-powered ad platform that automatically generates digital ads across multiple platforms based on your web copy.

KonnectzIT Lifetime Deal

A no-code, drag-and-drop automation platform that automates your workflows using a visual connect builder.

Swift Reply Lifetime Deal

Lets you create unlimited canned responses, so your team can instantly reply to any customer or lead.

PeppeType AI Lifetime Deal

An AI-powered content generation tool that creates engaging content for a variety of channels in just seconds.

Tevent AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Lets you host virtual events that encourage peer-to-peer networking with interactive features available at all tier levels.

Beatoven AI Lifetime Deal

An AI music generator that composes unique mood-based tunes designed for videos and podcasts.

Superdense Lifetime Deal

A bookmark manager that organizes your favorite bookmarks on one compact, personalized homepage.

Supapass Builder Lifetime Deal

Lets you build no-code sites to manage digital content, set up paywalls, and grow a community in one place.

Aimages AppSumo Lifetime Deal

An AI-powered video and image enhancer that runs completely from your web browser, so you can edit from anywhere.

FeedBear Lifetime Deal

It Lets users submit ideas and feature requests that you can track with public roadmaps and changelogs.

Geeklab Lifetime Deal

Makes it easy to optimize your app listing and boost installs with A/B testing, surveys, and page analytics.

Join Chat Lifetime Deal

A no-code WordPress plugin that captures leads with contact buttons that connect via WhatsApp and other messaging tools.

Keyword Search Lifetime Deal

A suite of AI tools that helps you research high-ranking keywords, videos, channels, and ads on YouTube.

DinoRank Lifetime Deal

Helps you optimize your SEO strategy with keyword tracking, internal linking, competitor analysis, and more.

VidPowr AppSumo Deal

Supercharges your marketing with interactive video content designed to engage viewers, collect leads and close sales.

SelfCAD Lifetime Deal

An intuitive 3D modelling program packed with all the tools you need to create 3D designs from start to finish.

GoZen Forms Lifetime Deal

A no-code survey, form, and quiz builder that simplifies data collection with dynamic templates and real-time insights.

Linguix Lifetime Deal

An AI-powered writing assistant that checks your writing for errors and gives you grammar, style, and vocab recommendations.

Persona by Delve AI Lifetime Deal

Automates market research so you can easily create data-driven buyer personas for your business and competitors.

AlphaCX AI Lifetime Deal

An omnichannel communication platform that can scale up your customer support—minus the extra workload.

Eventin Lifetime Deal

A user-friendly WordPress plugin that helps you manage unlimited events and sell tickets at no extra cost.

Albato Lifetime Deal

A no-code platform that lets you integrate cloud services and build custom automation to simplify your workflow.

Meettrics Lifetime Deal

Helps you schedule any kind of meeting and analyze which booking pages perform best, so you can optimize your booking process.

VeriDoc Sign Lifetime Deal

Uses blockchain technology to keep your e-signed documents secure from tampering.

PromptSmart Lifetime Deal

A personal teleprompter tool that only scrolls when you speak, so every presentation is crystal clear.

Seodity Lifetime Deal

An SEO platform packed with powerful tools for keyword research, site audits, rank tracking, backlinking, and more.

Flowlu Lifetime Deal

A complete suite of project and business management tools, including a CRM, invoicing, kanban board, white-label functionality, and client portal.

Social Closer Lifetime Deal

An AI-powered Facebook lead engagement and management tool that automatically prioritises leads while lowering ad costs.

Nova AI Lifetime Deal

A web-based video editor that automatically translates and adds subtitles to video content for any platform.

Vumu Lifetime Deal

Lets you record, edit, and share personalized video messages to scale your outreach and convert more leads.

Teleport AppSumo Deal

A low-code development tool that lets you create and publish static sites with a drag-and-drop visual editor.

Breeze Lifetime Deal

A project management tool that lets you organize, plan, and track the progress of your projects and tasks.

Synthesys Lifetime Deal

A virtual media platform that lets you create AI-generated videos and voiceovers using human voices and avatars.

Boomerangme AppSumo Deal

A loyalty program for small businesses that helps you create digital loyalty cards for Apple Wallet and Google Play.


A web app that lets you use Google Docs to create and manage professional websites without coding.

APPILY Lifetime Deal

Appily App Builder is a no-code app development platform that offers real-time updates, push notifications, analytics, and white labelling.

KimolQ Lifetime Deal

A no-code machine learning tool that gathers, analyzes and classifies customer feedback to help you grow your brand.

Dashed AI Lifetime Deal

An AI-powered sales tool that connects your LinkedIn account to your CRM to track leads based on intent, so you can close more deals.


A brand design and management platform that helps you generate brand guides and design assets that are always on brand.

oslash lifetime deal appsumo

Oslash Lifetime Deal

A tool that turns long URLs into shortcuts and integrates with key software to let teams instantly share info across their workspace.

noota lifetime deal appsumo

Noota Lifetime Deal

You can screen-record virtual meetings held on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, or in any browser.

melonapp lifetime deal appsumo

Melon AppSumo Lifetime Deal

A web-based live streaming tool that helps you launch high-quality streams across multiple platforms.

cobiro appsumo lifetime deal

Cobiro Lifetime Deal

A versatile business success platform that helps you build, manage, and advertise websites in one place.

sealit lifetime deal appsumo

Sealit AppSumo Deal

A Zero Trust data protection platform lets you secure confidential emails and files in a single click, without passwords.

taskade appsumo ltd

Taskade AppSumo LTD

Helps your remote teams manage projects using collaborative workspaces and built-in video and messaging tools, across platforms.

browise ai lifetime deal

Browse AI Lifetime Deal

An advanced no-code, cloud-based web automation software that lets you extract and monitor structured data from any site.

typed appsumo ltd

Typed LTD on AppSumo

Simplifies your workflow with features that automatically connect ideas, organize files, and even analyze insights.

upcoach lifetime deal

Upcoach AppSumo Deal

A modern transformation platform that lets you build and manage your coaching program with courses, chats, meetings, and tasks.

sniply appsumo deal

Sniply Lifetime Deal AppSumo

A powerful link shortener that lets you add CTAs to webpages, including content from other websites.

The best AppSumo deals are typically the ones that offer the most value for the price.

We’ve partnered with AppSumo to bring you some of the most useful, innovative products on the market today with a lifetime deal offer.

However, AppSumo also offers a variety of deals that may be of interest to you, so be sure to browse their entire collection using this AppSumo link.

FAQs For Top AppSumo Deals

What is AppSumo?

The AppSumo marketplace is the best place to find lifetime deals on the top marketing tools online. Get up to 98% off all types of productivity software and tools such as SEO, Website, Apps, email marketing, and content marketing.

What is AppSumo Plus?

AppSumo Plus is a premium membership program managed by AppSumo. It offers exclusive benefits like 10% off deal purchases, access to the KingSumo Web Pro, and other benefits.

What is AppSumo used for?

Noah Kagan started AppSumo in 2010 in order to create a space for people selling digital products and services and potential buyers. It is used to get the leading products at huge discounts when purchased through AppSumo.

Is AppSumo deals worth their price?

Yes, AppSumo deals are worth the price and your time. It’s worth registering for AppSumo deals as they generally offer one-time lifetime deals starting at only $29.

Does AppSumo offer a money-back guarantee?

With AppSumo, you get a standard 60-day money-back guarantee which means if you’re not happy with any AppSumo products or services, you can get a full refund.

AppSumo Deals: Conclusion

Take Action Before It’s Too Late!

These are the best AppSumo deals ever, most suitable for entrepreneurs, marketers, and bloggers.

AppSumo is really successful platform that gives huge savings on your favourite marketing tools and software.

What’s your experience with AppSumo? Did you get good deals?

Share your AppSumo experience by leaving a comment below.

Enjoy your Savings & Keep visiting for the latest AppSumo deals in 2022!

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