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Do you find writing blog posts difficult?  Well, writing a blog post isn’t difficult at all, but writing a great article is really hard.

Introducing LongShot.ai which make writing long-form content easy in 2022. Start your LongShot.ai free trial today!

LongShot AI Free Trial

  • AI blog wizard
  • All in one writing solution (SEO + Content)
  • Generate plagiarism free content
  • Add relevant keywords to your content for better search reach

What is LongShot.AI?

LongShot.AI is a new copywriting software that writes authentic and creative long-form content automatically using GPT-3 based artificial intelligence. By using this AI software, you can easily produce long articles for your website, blog and social media pages.

Longshot AI gives you the ability to create content about any topic you choose. It is 100% original, SEO friendly and free to use.

Features of LongShot AI Copywriting Tool:

You can start your blog writing process by researching topics – select what interests you and see how LongShot AI automatically synthesizes all of them.

Create creative content: You can now use many aspects of LongShot AI to generate content – let your imagination run wild! You can rewrite the paragraph, create an amazing blog introduction, create new bullet points, summarize everything, and more.

Trustworthy content: LongShot.ai presents a unique, industry-first in-built artificial intelligence fact-checker. Artificial intelligence may generate content that is not authentic, but you can quickly remove factual inaccuracy with the help of LongShot AI.

Craft killer headlines: You can use the LongShot AI to create a headline that is informative and attractive which is highly likely to be clicked on.

Generate comprehensive outline: One of the most important parts of creating a great long-form content piece is the blog outline. Longshot is able to generate a detailed outline for your brief using AI.

Write full blog post effortlessly: Direct LongShot AI with clicks and taps and generate long content on your business topics.

Start your free trial today!

LongShot AI vs Jarvis AI

LongShot.ai is a future-ready alternative to Jarvis AI. Check out the nine key differences between Jarvis AI and LongShot. The fourth one is our favourite.

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