Jenni AI Free Trial, Pricing & Review in 2024

Are you a student aiming to improve your essays, assignments, or research paper writing skills?

Are you frustrated with regular tools that provide low-quality suggestions and fail to assist you in expressing your ideas effectively?

Well, your search ends here!

Jenni AI writer is available to assist you in becoming a more self-assured and proficient academic writer.

Jenni AI Review 2024

I purchased this tool last week. I gave it a try on a 200-word trial content and have to say I am happy with the results. I love the simple canvas design to write content for my document and give it a better flow for academic content writing. You can also first Try Jenni AI For Free

Out of 10


  • Free trial plan with 200 words each day.
  • It generates well-structured quality content.
  • This tool is best for academic content.
  • Line-by-line writing approach makes the writing flow easy.
  • Inbuilt plagiarism checker and grammar formatting.


  • Supports limited content types like essays, blogs, emails etc.
  • Not available for mobile devices.

What is Jenni AI?

Jenni AI is an innovative AI-driven academic writing assistant that aims to assist individuals in overcoming writer’s block, enhancing their ideas, and constructing coherent paragraphs.

By prioritizing promoting academic integrity, Jenni AI is a reliable companion throughout your writing process, ensuring adherence to the utmost academic principles.

You can start writing for free and generate 200 AI words per day using Jenni AI.

Try Jenni AI For Free Free Trial 2024: Is there a free plan?

Jenni AI is Your Free AI Writing Assistant. Start writing for free with Jenni AI, your ultimate AI content writer assistant!

You can generate 200 AI words daily and unlock additional benefits with a premium plan.

Jenni AI Free Plan Features:

  1. 200 words per day
  2. Unlimited PDF uploads
  3. AI Autocomplete
  4. Journal and web citations
  5. AI editing commands

By signing up for Jenni AI, you’re unlocking access to tools and resources that can help you improve your writing in several ways:

  • AI-powered writing assistance: Jenni AI can generate content, brainstorm ideas, and check for grammatical errors, freeing you to focus on creativity and overall content quality.
  • Enhanced vocabulary and sentence structure: By analyzing and incorporating AI-generated content, you’ll naturally expand your vocabulary and learn more effective sentence structures.
  • Increased confidence and practice: As you utilize Jenni AI and see your writing improve, you’ll gain confidence and motivation to practice writing more often, further accelerating your progress.

Sign up today and level up your writing!

How to Use Jenni AI for Free?

Jenni AI is your free AI writing assistant, ready to help you create compelling content. Learn how to use Jenni AI for free with a Step-by-Step Guide at!

Here’s how to use its features and unlock the power of AI writing:

1. Sign Up and Choose Your Plan:

  • Start by visiting the Jenni AI website and clicking “Sign Up.”
  • Choose your desired plan:
    • Free Plan: Generate 200 AI words per day and access basic features.
    • Premium Plan: Get unlimited AI words, advanced features, and priority support.

2. Explore the Dashboard:

  • Once logged in, explore the user-friendly dashboard with various writing tools.

3. Generate Content:

  • Use the “AI Writer” tool: Enter your topic, target audience, and desired content type (blog post, article, email, etc.). Jenni AI will generate unique, SEO-friendly content for you.
  • Brainstorm Ideas: Stuck for inspiration? Use the “Brainstorm” tool to generate creative ideas and outlines for your writing projects.
  • Improve Existing Content: Upload your existing writing to the “Rewriter” tool. Jenni AI will suggest improvements to enhance clarity, style, and flow.

4. Access Additional Features:

  • Fact-check your content: Ensure accuracy with the “Fact-checker” tool.
  • Generate different writing formats: Create scripts, poems, letters, and more.
  • Translate languages: Break down language barriers with the built-in translator.

5. Edit and Customize:

  • Jenni AI provides a powerful editor to refine and personalize the AI-generated content.
  • Add your own insights, style, and voice to ensure the content resonates with your audience.

6. Publish and Share:

  • Once your content is ready, export it to your desired platform (WordPress, Google Docs, etc.) or share it directly on social media.

7. Learn and Grow:

  • Utilize the “Resources” section to access helpful articles, tutorials, and tips for improving your writing skills.
  • Experiment with different features and settings to discover the best way to work with Jenni AI.


  • Jenni AI is a powerful tool, but it’s not a replacement for your own creativity and critical thinking.
  • Use AI-generated content as a starting point, always review and edit it to ensure it aligns with your specific goals and voice.

By following these steps, you can effectively use Jenni AI and unlock its full potential to become a more proficient and productive writer.

Jenni AI Pricing 2024: Free and Paid Options

Jenni AI offers two pricing plans:

1. Free Plan:

  • Generate 200 AI words per day.
  • Access basic features, including AI Writer, Brainstorm, and Rewriter.
  • Ideal for occasional users or testing the platform.

2. Unlimited Plan:

  • Generate unlimited AI words.
  • Access all features, including advanced formatting options, plagiarism checker, and priority support.
  • Perfect for frequent users, students, writers, and content creators.

Here’s a breakdown of the pricing details:

  • Free Plan: $0/month
  • Unlimited Plan: $12/month (billed annually) or $20/month (billed monthly)

Additional Information:

  • You can sign up for a free trial of the Premium Plan to test all its features before committing.
  • Jenni AI occasionally offers discounts and promotions, so keep an eye out for those.
  • If you require a custom plan with higher word limits or additional features, contact Jenni AI for a quote.

Choosing the Right Plan:

  • Free Plan: Good for beginners, occasional users, or testing the platform.
  • Unlimited Plan: Best for frequent users, students, content creators, writers, and businesses needing unlimited AI words and advanced features.

Overall, Jenni AI offers competitive pricing with a generous free plan and a robust premium plan to suit your needs and budget.

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