Chatsonic Review, Free Trial, Pricing, Pros & Cons In 2023

Chatsonic is a new Writesonic feature like ChatGPT but with real-time data superpowers.

ChatGPT is a prototype artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI that specializes in dialogue.

It is a large language model fine-tuned with deep learning and natural language processing algorithms to enable natural conversations between humans and computers.

It is a tool driven by artificial intelligence that lets you have human-like question-and-answer sessions with a chatbot.

Chatsonic Review 2023

Chatsonic is a great chatGPT-like feature inside the Writesonic platform that integrates with Google Search to create content with the latest information.

Additionally, it can create fact-based marketing copy AI images, and respond to your voice commands within a few seconds.

Just tried and the content output with the latest Google data is unimaginable! You can also try at

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  • You can try Chatsonic for free.
  • Write factual-based content including real-time topics.
  • You can give voice commands if you don’t like typing.
  • Generate digital artwork instantly in a chat-like atmosphere.
  • Create content for social media, websites, reviews, and more.


  • Still in beta

Create your free Chatsonic account and get 5,000 bonus words now!

Chatsonic Introduction

Chatsonic is an AI-powered assistant created by Writesonic which allows users to create text and images using voice commands.

Make sure you enable the button to include the latest Google data.

It provides hyper-relevant content on any given topic, generated using Google search and AI.

Additionally, it can generate stunning digital artwork and images via chat using the Writesonic platform.

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Chatsonic Demo Video: Learn How It Works?

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is a fantastic chatbot, but there’s a limitation – it has been trained on information until 2021, and it is not very useful for any topic after that.

Say hello to Chatsonic, your AI-powered assistant for text and image creation.

Get the hassle out of staying up-to-date by integrating Google search into Writesonic’s chatbot to provide hyper-relevant content on any given topic.

Watch this Chatsonic demo video at and let your creativity soar with your copywriting and art companion.

It can also generate stunning digital artwork and images using Artificial Intelligence, and you can even use voice commands to converse with it!

Try it out for free now!

Chatsonic Pricing 2023

Writesonic has two affordable pricing plans — Free Trial, and Long-Form. ChatSonic’s monthly pricing begins at $12.67.

  1. Free Trial: Generate up to 2500 words, for $0
  2. Long-Form: Generate up to 47,500 words, for $12.67 per month
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1) Writesonic Free Trial Plan

The Free Trial Plan lets you generate up to 2500 words per month at no cost. Chatsonic is included in this free trial plan.

2) Writesonic Long-form Plan

The pricing on Long-Form plans starts at $12.67 per month.

Pricing can vary depending on the quality of the output and the number of words you need to produce per month.

This plan is great for creating long-form content like articles, blog posts, essays, case studies, news articles, and white papers.

The Chatsonic feature is included in the Writesonic Long-form plan and the pricing for Chatsonic starts at $12.67 per month.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, ChatSonic is a cutting-edge conversational AI chatbot that improves upon the limitations of ChatGPT and serves as a superior alternative.

Powered by Google Search, it provides real-time conversation on current events and trending topics.

With ChatSonic, you can create beautiful digital art for your digital campaigns and social media, and customize it to be your personal assistant for different tasks.

To enhance your browsing experience, simply add the ChatSonic ChatGPT Chrome extension and enjoy content suggestions from anywhere on the web.

ChatSonic also features voice command capabilities, similar to Siri and Google Assistant. Try it out for free now!

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